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Art Paper for Sale

Synthetic paper is a remarkable resource that can be used over and over again. Our paper is commercial grade, meaning it is very thick and highly durable.

Our prices are highly competitive and far below what you’ll pay for synthetic paper in retail outlets.

If you are using the paper for watercolour work, be sure to clean it with a 50% vinegar/water solution to remove any oil residue from handling. (Water and oil don’t blend well). Use a very light spray and a soft towel to dry. Allow paper to air out for a few minutes before painting. If you are using alcohol ink, cleaning is not necessary. Mediums wash off easily but there may be some light staining on the paper that becomes part of your subsequent projects.

Orders can be picked up at our home near Franktown, Ontario (Canada) if you would rather not pay for shipping.

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Order Art Paper from Colleen Gray.png
Size of Paper
Quantity per pkg
5 x 7"

10 sheets per pkg

8 x 10"

5 sheets per pkg

11 x 14"

10 sheets per pkg

16 x 20"

5 sheets per pkg

24 x 36"

3 sheets per pkg


10 pieces per pkg


Email your order in and I will give you your order's total, including shipping based on the address you provide.


To avoid shipping charges, arrange pickup of your order at the Carleton Place Gallery - 210 Bridge Street, Carleton Place, ON K7C 3G9

If you intend to pickup directly from me, please let me know in the email. Online payment options are e-transfer and credit card.

Order Synthetic Paper

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