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About Colleen Gray


That you’ve come here to view my work, means the world to me. I hope you enjoy what you see here. I work with several mediums in my creation process, all dictated by mood, moon and muse.

My primary work is done in ground mineral watercolour on synthetic paper. It's a fascinating journey into the unpredictable nature of earth minerals and water. I'm often in awe of the simple power of the interactions beneath my brush and have whiled away many hours without looking at the clock once.

When I want a different medium from the synthetic paper, I enjoy painting iconic historical plains scenes on Arches coldpress watercolour paper.

​The fact that I am using water and minerals on the surface of an oil based paper is not lost on me; in fact, I enjoy the irony of it. Oil and water are not supposed to work well together...unless of course, you’re an artist.

I am available for commision work and work can be viewed in my home by appointment. I have a large collection of framed pieces ready to go.

Some of my artwork supports Art for Aid, a project I established in 2013 to put art supplies into remote Indigenous schools in Canada. I sell my original work so I can work as a volunteer running Art for Aid.


The Governor General of Canada Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteering Colleen Gray - Award Presented September 17, 2021
"... for her role in supporting art exploration through access to art supplies and creative art programs in Canadian remote Indigenous schools through The Art For Aid Project." Art For Aid is a project that is grateful to operate under I Love First Peoples. Together we support dynamic and accessible changes for Indigenous youth across Canada. (, Media and Governor General coverage links at

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